About Us


The conventional telephone now in use worldwide was first patented by Alexander Graham Bell in March 1876. We haven’t been around that long, in fact we have only been a business since July 2016 when Tabs NZ merged with ZICI. As standalone businesses we have been providing effective and efficient telecommunications solutions since 2001. Our primary focus has been to provide quality telephony solutions at competitive prices to businesses of all sizes.

Together we offer the most sophisticated Expense Management solutions available for telephony. We are located in Parnell, Auckland.

Peer to peer communications in real time is important to many organisation no matter the size. Communications infrastructure is sophisticated and as such many businesses require the capability to analyze calling activity or to record a telephone call or capture the screen activity while your staff are taking an order. The ability to do these will impact the profitability of your business.

While the prime focus of Zici and Tabs was Telephony Expense Management our Zici Tabs applications extend beyond this. We offer solution options that enhance your telephony, in areas of call centre reporting, voice recording, analytics, work force management and soft consoles. Our solutions are available across both traditional telephony platforms as well as new generation IP platforms.

We distribute, install and support various long established global telephony applications via telcos and systems integrators in Australia and New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Our supported brands are industry-recognized “Best of Breed” and are available globally.

Our end customers include national and local government departments, multi-national financial institutions, multi-national manufacturers, multi-site learning institutions, legal institutions and multi-national contact centres as well as a variety of single-office businesses.

We can now offer choice that best suits requirements – it may be cloud hosted or premise based.