Call Centre Reporting

Agents tend to consider a short call a good call because they want to be efficient and provide service to the next waiting caller. However, what if there are no other waiting calls?

By placing the call waiting data on the Agents PC screen or large common displays the Agent can feel more confident extending the length of the call and offering extra service. Alternatively if there are a number of calls waiting the Agent can be brief but effective, and more sensitive when answering callers who have been waiting for some time. Our call accounting and reporting software solutions including Espera, QMC & Skype for business call center can effectively help in managing call waiting data.


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The QMC applications offers Realtime displays and Historical reporting in a single package.

Realtime call waiting information updated approximately every 2 seconds, scheduled or immediate messages and half hourly reports are displayed on Wallboards and directly on Agents, Supervisors and Managers PC screens with AgentBoardIQ.

Data is displayed in threshold colours - green, amber, red and flashing red with an audible alarm (if desired) - making the information easy to interpret and keeping Agents well-informed of caller demand.

The QMC Clarity Realtime Window enables Supervisors and Managers to view live data for a number of different priority queues on their PC screens. Information is updated every 2 seconds and displayed in threshold colours - thus Management can assess current queue performance at a glance.

QMC Clarity + Agent allows Supervisors to see current individual Agent activity. The colour surrounding the Agents photo shows which mode they are in (E.g. Wrap up, On hold, Logged out, etc) and the timer shows how long they have been in that mode. This QMC module also provides excellent historical reporting of individual Agents.

Using a simple 'Point and Click' wizard QMC Clarity enables you to create reports quickly and easily, saving valuable time.

QMC Clarity Reporter allows you to:

  • Customise your reports - use a wizard to choose the datafields to be displayed so the reports are relevant to your business needs
  • Schedule reports to be run automatically daily, weekly or monthly
  • Create adhoc reports
  • Choose between tabular or graphical reports, or a combination of both


Espera provides Microsoft Lync Response Groups with reporting. It is a lightweight Lync plug-in that is an integrated part of the response groups.

Espera Real Time

Espera Real Time provides a real time “dashboard” to assist agents handle every call better. If the agent can see that the traffic is very low then they can confidently spend more time with a caller to cross sell or up sell knowing they are not delaying other callers. If they see the call traffic is heaver then they can conclude their existing call efficiently and move on to the next callers. Additionally supervisors can send individual or group messages to agents. “IT outage on the 6th floor will be cleared in 10 minutes” – or – “TV ad going to air in 6 minutes, all please log on”. Espera also has a simple one click for agent to log-on and log-off so that the reports of activity are accurate over a given period.

Espera Reporter

Espera Reporter provides set and customized reports regarding past (hour, day, week, month etc.) aspects of the queue’s traffic. Reports are available in both tabulated and graphical formats. Reports can be distributed to the required recipients via e-mail.


The BestTime applications offers superior customer experiences and greater call centre efficiency.

BestTime helps you get the balance right:

  • Your customers do not have to waste their time or their dime calling you only to find you are too busy to attend to them
  • They are happier because their time is not wasted waiting in a queue
  • Traffic flow in your center is better managed
  • Your agents are happier because call flow is more consistent
  • Your costs are better managed as staff can be consistently deployed because traffic peaks and troughs are smoothed out

Potential callers save their time(or their dime):

  • Call waiting time is indicated on your website even before they call you
  • They can then choose whether to call or to proceed to the other communications options displayed on your website

Minimizing traffic peaks

When BestTime is installed, traffic peaks are minimized compared with Automated Callback. Your potential caller requests a call back reminder when the waiting time exceeds your threshold. In addition time is not wasted on calls regarding a known event as this information is clearly displayed on your website and this assists call center meeting their agreed KPI’s.

Low cost integration, low complexity

  • Very light IT integration required with your switch (be it CPE or cloud-based)
  • No integration required with back office systems
  • No changes required to your current call center configurations or routing settings
  • One-off fee or monthly fee
The light IT integration results in BestTime being far more cost-effective than other complex call-back alternatives.