Telecommunications Expense Management

Managing telecom expenses gets more and more difficult by the day. Every time a new telecom service or mobile device is added to the company’s inventory, it grows in complexity. Compound this with the fact that most companies make use of multiple telecom providers, all charging different rates for their services, and you can see why telecom expense management is not straightforward.

Telecom expenses can represent 25 – 30% of IT costs and can quickly spiral out of control – they are not a fixed cost.

A Telecom Expense Management solution will help businesses of all sizes you to manage their investments in telecommunications equipment and services, by delivering greater real time insight into how costs are calculated, where your money is being spent – and where you can make savings

MTS Application Suite

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The Application Suite provides 'Advanced Telecommunications & Network Management'. From its first product launch (known as Tabs) in 1985, it has been implemented in 60,000 sites in 60 countries and is used by many of New Zealand's leading companies.

It utilises a Server for collection of call accounting data from the PABX. The application provides the flexibility to be customised around the core fabric to meet your specific requirements

Application Suite will provide the means to allocate phone costs to various departments, improve employee productivity, and control the utilisation of the phone system. It will collect and report on all call types.


  • User interface Web Browser
  • SQL Database
  • Customised rates to suit requirements (800 National & 1300 International codes)
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Powerful reports generator
  • History - keeps summary data for each extension for an unlimited time
  • Convergence of voice, VoIP & data
  • Ease of use
  • Preconfigured reports
  • Powerful reports-filters, drill down
  • WatchDOG an internal system monitoring and alert system
  • Multi-site reports, A single Application Suite can support multiple disparate systems
  • Report scheduler to run reports automatically, to printer or email
  • Integrates with Active Directory

Win 32

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  • On line Call Monitor
  • Real-time monitor of calls made through the PABX
  • Unlimited licensing
  • Recommended for less than 100 extensions
  • Charging Tables easily edited by user manually within the application exported to Excel and edit within
  • '4' Standard reports on the toolbar Extension Detail, Extension Summary, Mobile Calls, Reconciliation
  • Unlimited reports in the system as scripts
  • User edited report templates (similar to crystal)
  • Export reports to excel
  • Statistics module with graph - again exportable to excel
  • Extension/trunk naming
  • Cost Calls, Outgoing and Incoming calls
  • Multiple Carriers by Tenant, trunk group, extension, account code*
  • Monitor up to 2 disparate PBX systems (requires 2 comports)*
  • Report by department*
  • Read from file (example Nortel BCM & Avaya IP Office)
  • Account code reporting - 6 digit capability
  • Drivers for over 100 PBX models
  • Motel / Hotel Package Included as standard:
    • Check In and Check Out guests
    • Exhausted Deposit
    • Invoicing Capability
  • Runs as a service
  • Recalculation of tariffs

15 day free trial with no obligation (terms and conditions apply) Limited to standard installations. No customisation

*Requires customisation and will incur additional costs