ZiCi Bill Reconciliation works with the key elements of telecommunication expense management, this enables us to audit and evaluate your billing accuracy and telco expenditure. It provides savings, in the forms of credits and optimisation. This requires an audit that covers 3 billing cycles (months) and the installation of ZiCi Reporting.

The bills provided by vendors often are lengthy and difficult to review and understand. They vary from month to month according to business activity, number of working days in the month and the services used.

Research has also shown that on average telco bills are 10% inaccurate.

The ZiCi Bill Reconciliation service is designed to cut through this complexity and answer the key questions:

  • Should this bill be paid?
  • Do I fully appreciate what I am paying for on my telco bill?
  • Am I sure my telco bill is accurate?
  • Are there any major variations outside the norm that need to investigated?
  • Am I receiving the loyalty discounts I was promised?
  • Am I paying for services that are no longer required or used?
  • Have I received all the credits I was promised?

As part of the monthly review ZiCi provide a bill reconciliation report that outlines:

  • The compliance to pre-agreed key indicators such as total spend, credits owed, variation to actual bill, variation to budget
  • Bill summaries with monthly running total for each main category of spend. This includes an explanation of any variation from the previous month and whether any action is required
  • A comparison to the previous year’s spend for that particular month
  • Details of any new services that have appeared on the bill and associated approvals
  • Measurement of internet usage on the bill and excess charges paid
  • Monitoring of loyalty and other contract credits payable