ZiCi Consulting provides telecommunications and data cost reduction services that have reduced costs between 20% and 44%, and ensures that this is sustainable.

We don't charge until the projected savings are achieved.

This works by:

  • Using our reporting systems to measure overall costs and uncover main problem areas
  • Cutting out wastage
  • Benchmarking costs against our 160 other sites and then rebalancing the rates charged by the vendor to address main problem areas
  • Using reporting systems and regular reviews to maintain cost control

We engage our clients by:

  • Benchmarking the major aspects of telecommunications and data services to ascertain if our services are of value to the client. This discovery process is free of charge
  • Conducting an audit to reduce wastage, ascertain services required and negotiating market rates. This audit is charged on value provided
  • Ensuring control, monitoring and review systems are in place to ensure value is maintained. The monthly monitoring attracts a small monthly fee.