The ZiCi Reporting service delivers targeted information directly to individuals without the need for complex technical support and administration. The comprehensive CDR analysis and reporting options comprise over 140 reports delivering benefits in cost management, network performance and human resource management.

Types of Reporting Functions

  • Full summary reporting of monthly call costs versus previous month and year, ability to customize to add infrastructure costs and budget
  • Exception reporting includes extension league tables analyzing most expensive calls and extensions
  • At-a-glance historical trend analysis to facilitate budget forecasting and control
  • Actual relevant call patterns and tariff information to strengthen carrier negotiation positions
  • Identification of optimal infrastructure requirement
  • Analysis of key answer point performance for operators (or other incoming call answer points). Clients can determine how many operators are needed and when, and how quickly incoming calls are answered
  • Identification of specific types of phone usage to allow monitoring and control of fraudulent activity, or to create and tighten corporate phone usage guidelines
  • Incoming call analysis to identify regions from which incoming calls are received. Among other things, this allows clients to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Consolidating fixed and mobile call costs. Clients can identify total combined costs right down to individual user level